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    Products and Services towards a future of ZERO collisions.

Introducing Zenseact Autonomy Services.

A selection of Autonomous Driving & Advanced-Driver-Assistance Systems & Services

Our service portfolio is comprised of a series of software technologies, compute infrastructure both on-board the vehicle and off-board in the cloud, as well as a large ecosystem of tools and APIs that automates the process of continuous data driven development and deployment of autonomous driving features across the entire vehicle fleet. In parallel, our service portfolio contains all the necessary components for third party innovators in order for them to build their mobility innovations, adding considerable value for our customers and partners.

We have named our entire service portfolio Zenseact Autonomy Services.

The Zenseact Autonomy Services bring the future of driving to consumer vehicles for personal mobility

Zenseact Autonomy Services segments

Zenseact Autonomy Services (ZAS) contain three distinct segments: OnePilot, Integration Suite and Developer Suite.

Our services consist of a pre-validated software product that run on-board a vehicle, coupled with Zenseact cloud services supporting OnePilot during operation. All our technologies are being developed with the objective of reaching zero collisions faster.


ZAS is being developed for a future of zero collisions.


  • OnePilot

    A single user experience with three distinct modes of operation.


OnePilot is the flagship service of Zenseact Autonomy Services and it offers a single experience throughout the user’s journey

OnePilot consists of a combination of on-board software modules and off-board cloud services that enables advanced driver assistance and unsupervised autonomous driving for consumer vehicles. From the perspective of a more technical break down, the on-board software is an application layer software, and is dependent on a compute platform (including operating system and middleware), a sensor platform, and a vehicle platform.

OnePilot offers the customer three different modes of operation: Drive, Cruise and Ride.



During manual driving the OnePilot – Drive mode helps the driver to avoid all collisions by providing information, warnings and automatic braking & steering interventions.

  • The pilot ensures 5-star NCAP performance.
  • It adapts to specific driver states, using a driver monitor.
  • Real-life safety performance is improved by leveraging assets from unsupervised/supervised pilot.



The supervised OnePilot – Cruise mode controls the motion of the vehicle under driver supervision.

  • The evolution will be in line with OnePilot – Ride expansion.
  • The driver is always capable of supervising the driving and taking control when needed.
  • Driver’s over-trust is addressed by using driver monitor and hands-on detection. Gradually, the amount of driver interference will be reduced.
  • The driver’s role will gradually change by tactical interfaces and extended infotainment access.



The unsupervised OnePilot – Ride mode provides the driver freedom to do something else behind the steering wheel:

  • The main benefit is the free time during daily commuting.
  • The capability will be gradually expanded to maximize ”connected free time” for the driver.
  • The unsupervised Pilot will be restricted to specific road segments, called the operational design domain.

In summary

OnePilot enables highway autonomy turning the driver into a Rider. In conditions and on roads where highway autonomy is not supported, OnePilot offers the driver relief in the driving task by offering world class Cruising controlling acceleration and steering. Whether the driver is Riding, Cruising or Driving, OnePilot always and continuously assesses the surroundings, provides the driver with useful information and warnings and ultimately intervenes by overriding controls to make sure the user enjoys a safe journey.

  • Integration Suite

    Our set of configurable components and services that enables integration of OnePilot towards different vehicle platforms and cloud environments.

  • Developer Suite

    Our Set of Fleet Operation and Development Services offered at scale via our developer portal to independent innovators and developers.

  • The Loop

    Scale from somewhere to everywhere

The Loop

Implementing a fast continuous loop for collecting road data and safety case information from the fleet, developing, verifying, validating and deploying safety critical features “over the air” for vehicles in motion, is a very complex task. The reward of mastering the loop, unlocks the capability to gradually expand the autonomous vehicle driving task, both by seamlessly adding driving capabilities but also by gradually increasing the operational environment in which the vehicle is allowed to execute. As an example, to provide an unsupervised Highway Pilot feature to a customer, you may be required to iterate the loop 10.000 times!

Clearly, the speed at which you can iterate defines your market advantage and the quicker you can iterate the sooner you can deliver your services to your customers. At Zenseact we have industrialized this continuous data driven development cycle and named it “The Loop”, in which our platform components are tightly integrated, to ensure maximum efficiency end to end.



By dynamically probing and analyzing data from the fleet of consumer vehicles we can learn how to improve safety and automated driving capability based on real-world data. This enables continuous growth of feature content and availability of automated driving so that we can scale it from somewhere to everywhere.

The initial launch will be on Volvo Car’s SPA2 modular platform, which will offer Volvo’s first unsupervised self-driving system, our Highway Pilot.

Freedom of choice.

The end users will gain freedom of choice: to switch between manual or autonomous driving, while relying always on safety-leading technology to back their actions. Our bespoke technology secures future system updates together with unhindered user experience. Thanks to the fleet insight machinery and over-the-air-update capabilities, feature performance and availability will increase drastically over time. The updates will be unobstructive and discreet. This will result in a progressively better and increasingly liberating day-to-day driving experience for the end user.


Safety redefined.

Safety creates trust. And trust creates confidence. It is our firm belief that when the user is trusting enough in their vehicles to take them to their destination safely, they will finally be able to relax. By allowing the car to take over the wheel completely they will subsequently get in a “zen” mode and focus on other things while on the road, claiming some precious quality time back. Be it for leisure and pleasure like reading a book, playing a game with the family or even taking a nap, all the way out to maximizing productivity like preparing for that next big meeting, this liberty over one’s time will always be a matter of uncompromising safety.

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