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    High end software with a purpose

High end software with a purpose

And a story of Zen


We believe in making the world a better place by protecting all life on the road. And we know that the only way of achieving this is by making software so safe that will secure the well-being of all life inside a moving car and outside of it. 

But with complex surroundings and increasingly challenging driving conditions on the road, this is no easy task. Our future cars need to be able to “sense” their environment and adapt their behavior accordingly as if they were conscious living beings. In other words, we need to constitute our automobiles capable of perceiving the various challenges on the road and “act” on them as if they were human. 

Our goal is to ultimately create a self-driving software that is so safe, that will enable our end customers to reach a “Zen” state of mind: to feel safe enough to relax and enjoy their commute to the fullest, letting the car do the driving. At the end of the day, isn’t this the very point of unsupervised autonomous driving; to create carefree journeys when safety is no longer a concern?

Therefore Zenseact is more than a name for us.

Zenseact is a rendition of our vision of safety and a promise of Zen to our end customers.

  • A history of safety

Our great legacy within safety

And a brief history lesson of safe and intelligent mobility.

Our software, tools and methodology originate from Volvo Cars.

As early as 1927, Volvo Cars’ founders decided to focus on safety as one of the core values of the organisation, and since then they have been a leader in the field. It was in the 1990’s that the company started their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) development activities. 

Fast-forward to 2017, Volvo Cars transferred their ADAS development resources, licensed its IP and co-founded Zenuity. In 2020, by gathering the knowledge, tools, and real-life software implementation experience, Zenseact is born. The company’s distinct plan is to build upon and further develop the strong software developed by Zenuity in order to create a platform for real-life autonomous driving and safer journeys.

Zenseact’s vision is to create a safe and reliable real-life autonomous driving platform.

Zenseact is operating out of Gothenburg, Sweden and Shanghai, China. Zenseact’s first self-driving deployment will be launched on the next-generation vehicle platform from Volvo Cars.

  • Together

Our unique superpower: Our people

When technology, passion and people mix

At Zenseact, we lead the global movement of crafting tomorrow’s mobility with the software platform of choice. Our mission is to “Make safe and intelligent mobility real, for everyone, everywhere”. This statement marks our conviction and dedication to bring autonomous driving out on the streets for real and is at the center of everything we do.
We could not dream of achieving this without having “People at Heart”. We are on this journey together and our agile way of working is reflected throughout our entire organization; it is part of our culture and how we work, develop and grow together.

We could not dream of achieving this without having “People at Heart”

Take me to “People at Heart”

  • Our future market

    Software & mobility of the future


    In a not-so-distant future, when technology has sufficiently matured and platform ecosystems are broadly adopted, autonomous driving technology will become an invisible part of our everyday lives. A wide range of services will emerge on top of this new digital infrastructure: automatic services for logistics, distribution and transportation, health services on-demand and more, will all connect on top of these underlying platforms in order to produce greater value. Organisations strategically choosing to play as partners and producers will both reap major economic benefits and contribute to improving our way of life.

    We envision a world of inspiring new services on an underlying autonomous driving platform.


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