• Christina Lichtenthäler

Who are you and what do you do at Zenuity?

I am Christina Lichtenthäler and I am the Product Owner for Software and Integration. My team is responsible for topics like software architecture, software integration and prototype platforms. We are the team who make it real on the target hardware and on the Prototype System.

What is your background?

I did my PhD in Robotics at TU Munich within the Excellence Cluster COTESYS. Therefore, I studied Computer Science with a focus on machine learning and software engineering.

Why did you choose to join Zenuity/work here?

During my studies I heard a talk from Sebastian Thrun how he developed the first autonomous driving vehicle which won the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005. Since that day, I wanted to work in the field of autonomous driving. Zenuity gives me not only the chance to work within autonomous driving, it is a new and agile working company where I can be a part of something new.

What is most important with the work that Zenuity is doing?

We focus on robustness and safety, not only on getting a car on the street which is autonomously driving. This is something which is new in the growing area of company’s trying to get the first autonomous vehicle on the street.

…And why is that important?

Because it is important that an autonomous car is developed to be safe and robust so that the customer can trust the system.

How will the work that Zenuity does impact the customers? ….or the car industry,  and what is the most fun/thrilling part of the work?

The most thrilling part is when you integrate the complete software in the car and drive it the first time, seeing how the car behaves with the new invented feature. Sitting in the test car and feel how the new software is driving the car, testing and tuning the new software, this is the most fun part of my work.