• Hampus Ahlqvist

Who are you and what do you do at Zenuity?

I have just started my leadership career at our Munich office. My role is Group leader which is the Zenuity title for manager. My focus is to ensure that developers in my community of practice have what they need to succeed, since at Zenuity leaders are in the background. We have embraced a complete agile way of operating. Management and internal departments support development teams as a service provider. This means that I work a lot with competence development, recruitment and work environment. But foremost, our agile approach require management to lead by example and work with culture. We strive to create a culture of shared responsibility and self-organisation and this can only be achieved through appropriate vision, transparency and trust. Creating an environment of appreciation and constructive feedback, self-reflection and independent thinking.

Why did you choose to join Zenuity/ work here?

To be part of a high performance organization with an innovative environment and high level of autonomy in one of the most talked about industries is obviously a thrilling opportunity. We’re hitting the ground running, building on previous achievements and work agile with high capacity and little bureaucracy, so that things actually happen.

What is most important with the work that Zenuity is doing?

Our customers realize that AD will transform the auto industry and that action is required. They understand that they cannot do the full development & integration on their own, and that they require a broad range of different AD/ADAS solutions that suits their business.  We offer flexibility to cherry pick, continuously scale up & freely integrate any type of module from AEB to full AD. Although we are a new company, our engineers have extensive experience in developing state-of-the-art technology for real-life safety. Their software is running in millions of vehicles and saving lives every single day.

…And why is that important?

We understand the difference between just demonstrating a self-driving vehicle with a test driver behind the steering wheel and selling a self-driving vehicle to customers who expect this vehicle to always work in their daily life.

How will the work that Zenuity does impact the customers?

I think more people will be able to use the benefits of ADAS and AD systems since Zenuity has a modular approach and tries to be hardware agnostic. OEMs do not need to acquire an expensive black box system, but can take a gradual approach to ADAS and AD.