We are the software of choice for the safety leaders of the automotive industry.

Our software already exists out in the open, within numerous vehicles that freely ride the streets across the globe. 

It is obvious that we are rapidly moving into a future where intelligent connected vehicles assist you in avoiding collisions or to let you drive completely autonomously. This is an exciting development that will benefit society and individual drivers. But we also realize that it is a huge challenge for the automotive industry, as connectivity and data-intensive software will fundamentally change the traditional automotive development process and value chain. We will bring new software features to market at a high pace using new business models, while ensuring robustness and safety at all times.

We understand the difference between just demonstrating a self-driving vehicle and selling a self-driving vehicle to customers who expect this vehicle to work in daily life. Although we are a young company, many of our engineers have developed software that is running in millions of vehicles and saving lives every single day. Others have extensive experience from agile software development or data science in other branches of industry. Together, we form a modern automotive software company that wants to be a dedicated long-term partner to vehicle manufacturers. Initially we focus on passenger vehicles, but we are convinced that our technology will over time impact other forms of transport as well. We are committed to shape the future of driving, not just by building demos. We want to make it real!

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