• Introducing partnerships & alliances

    For a safer journey. For everyone.

Why partner up?

To bring autonomous driving to the streets of course: faster, better, safer.

Technological, societal and cultural advancements have dictated the pace at which modern startups and companies in the tech sector need to advance their product development in order to successfully deliver on their promise and stay ahead of the curve. If anything, bringing autonomous driving to the streets- fairly named the “engineering challenge of the century” – doesn’t fall short of that premise.

In short, we need to develop at breakneck speed. And we cannot do this alone. By forging alliances, we can also avoid needless technological, intellectual and cost duplication. The future of autonomous driving lies within building solid infrastructures and harnessing the power of partnerships, with a clear focus on safety and commercial goals.


To avoid building in a vacuum by moving central.

The industry gradually is moving away from closed environments and a plethora of decentralized units – toiling to stay compatible with each other – to a more collaborative and consolidated approach. Therefore, we now are moving away from a feature-centric business towards a SaaS business model where value is being created constantly and gets better with every iteration.

We are now transitioning to a collaboration-centric Software as a Service (SaaS) business model

Increase value. 

In order to better serve our purpose “to bring intelligent mobility to the streets for everyone, everywhere”, we are opening up our environment to collaborations so that together with others, we will double up on value creation for our end customers. At the same time, we will aim to meet the growing demand of modern OEMs for richer brand and user experiences. At Zenseact, we have already established strong partnerships and alliances and are actively looking for more. Therefore, we now welcome other innovators to use our software services in a way that they can integrate them to their business, run them as their own and build upon them, so that we can jointly fast track exciting new products and services to market.


  • Proudly presenting

    Our growing list of partners & allies.

Our partnership with Luminar resulted in the first full-stack autonomous solution for series production in the industry called Sentinel. Luminar’s Sentinel deeply integrates Zenseact’s OnePilot autonomous driving software solution.

Ecarx’s strategic investment in Zenseact strengthens Zenseact’s footprint in China and opens a clear and fast path to market in the country. The companies plan to collaborate in commercializing Zenseact’s OnePilot and the Zenseact Autonomy Services in China, the largest and fastest growing market in the world.


Our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) aims to provide the crucial artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure required for the development of next generation autonomous driving systems.

Our partnership with Nvidia gives us accelerated speed in the development of the next generation active safety systems and unsupervised driving. In the near future, Nvidia’s state of the art hardware will power the Zenseact software stack when we deploy it to the world together with our lead customer.

Our partnership with MobilityXlab is a gateway to ground level innovation. Joined with our other partners, we get affiliated with startups and together we co-create solutions that develop into successful companies delivering products and services fit for the next generation of mobility.

Zenseact Autonomy Services (ZAS)

Everything innovation needs

Zenseact Autonomy Services (ZAS): our service portfolio comprises of tools, data infrastructure, APIs and every other component needed in order to build your next outstanding mobility innovation that will bring value to our joint customers. 


Zenseact Autonomous Services (ZAS), All Rights Reserved. 


We are now looking for more great partners

An ideal partner / innovator would:

  • Share the spirit of collaboration that the mobility industry needs in the next phase of its digital transformation.
  • Understand what a huge challenge it is to bring safe unsupervised driving to the world and still stays enthusiastic for the long ride.
  • Together with us, build further and optimize our service portfolio in order to meet the needs of the industry for future-proof solutions and exceed customer expectations.
  • Can enrich our service portfolio with new innovations, offer 3rd party solutions that will benefit our existing ecosystem of OEMs and partners and eventually even go beyond that.
  • Can focus on creating value for the customers by using short feedback loops and daily optimization.
  • Understands that together is faster, better, safer.


“Collaborating with a clear focus on safety and commercialization is our way of bringing safe and intelligent mobility to the world.”

Shilan Demir
Head of Partnerships

Are you interested in partnering up with Zenseact?

Write us a brief description of your business/innovation and we will be in touch with you shortly. Use the form below or send us an email to partnerships@zenseact.com.

  • Our developer portal

    We are soon to launch our developer portal where our APIs and tools can be found and used freely by the community of ground breaking innovators, developers and independent players.  Stay tuned for our new portal launch.