An inspiring new launch

With safety in its legacy

We are passionate about life and safety. Our purpose is to protect life on the road by providing a software platform for innovative and safe self-driving features that will change our societies forever. However, the latest advancements in the field of autonomous driving software development resulted in the engineering challenge of the century. Solving that requires razor-sharp focus. Zenseact was born out of the need to move undistracted towards this new trajectory.

Our purpose is to make safe and intelligent mobility real for everyone, everywhere.

In order to fully serve our purpose, we are creating an unsupervised autonomous vehicle solution for consumer vehicles together with our lead customer Volvo Cars. Our next step is to industrialise the Zenseact platform and set real-life autonomous safety benchmarks against which the credibility of other products will be measured.



  • A new way forward

Why Zenseact?

What does this mean?

Every new beginning requires an inspiring story and some serious trailblazing ambitions. At Zenseact, we are taking off from our strong heritage within safety. We originate from Volvo Cars, arguably the safest car brand in the world, and from Zenuity, during the course of which we delivered a series of world-first safety innovations. Our software, tools and methodology are developed with a safety-first mindset.

Currently, we are a proud provider of trusted Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and next generation Autonomous Drive (AD) features for consumer vehicles. But at the same time, we have a new story to tell and our minds are set onto the future.

Therefore, we are launching with an exciting new name, brand and organisation.

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The Zenseact product

We create software products that make cars sense their environment and move safely with no human intervention

Our features have already been hardened across more than 11 car brand deployments, including Volvo Cars. But what makes them so special? ADAS and AD features are intended to increase traffic safety. Achieving that is more difficult than many expect. The solution needs to be designed so that it does not cause harm even if vital technical components fail. In addition to that, the features need to interact with humans, in the vehicle and outside of it, in an environment which can at times be very complex.

..and have a unique edge.

It is our understanding of these fundamental challenges and our passion to develop sophisticated self-driving software that is safe no matter what, that makes our Zenseact platform unique in what it does. Ultimately, the platform is built based on years of proven success, bringing safe, reliable and complex autonomous driving features to the real world, from idea to production.


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  • A collaborative approach

Our ecosystem of partners & allies

Breaking new ground with autonomous driving technology requires a stellar partner ecosystem.

We would not be ideally positioned to develop and release some of the safest and most innovative self-driving features without a constellation of exceptional partners and allies around us. And we are always on the lookout for new partners within innovation to join in on our journey to make autonomous driving a reality. Reach out to us, if you are one of them.


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